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Watch Dave Grohl In Teaser Clips For New Super Bowl Commercial

Dave Grohl will star in a Super Bowl commercial for Crown Royal whiskey.

The Foo Fighters frontman has been a longtime fan of the Canadian whiskey brand, and the spirit has long been a staple of the Foo's tour rider and in the band's dressing rooms.

Crown Royal has revealed two teaser clips from its campaign with Grohl. In one, Grohl is seated in the control room of a recording studio, reading aloud a list of seemingly unrelated items.

The accompanying caption reads: "Dave just found out what these objects in common. Tune in to the big game on 02. 12.23 to find out too."

In a separate video, Grohl is in the vocal booth trying out different cadences of the phrase "Thank you."

The caption for that one reads: "2 little words. A whole lot of meaning. A thank you of epic, Grohl-sized proportions is right around the corner."

Check out the first teaser above and the second below.

Can you figure out what all those items have in common?

Photo: AFP

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