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Nikki Sixx: 'You Can't F---ing Cancel Mötley Crüe'

The Stadium Tour: Mötley Crüe and Poison

Photo: Getty Images North America

It's hard to believe Mötley Crüe could have made it out of the '80s with a career, had the cancel culture phenomenon existed in that decade.

Nikki Sixx has plenty of regrets from the band's "horrible behavior" in its early years, yet the band is more popular today than ever.

While Sixx has cleaned up his act — he is more than 21 years sober and has dedicated much of the last two decades to helping others with addiction issues — he's not above making the occasional crude joke.

"You want this towel?" he asked an eager fan last week while wiping sweat from his brow during the final date of Crue's 'Stadium Tour.' "It's exactly like the towel I gave your mom in 1987."

Sixx tossed the rag to the fan and then addressed the laughs (and groans) his comment elicited. He said he'd been asked to keep his sense of humor PG-13, but he's not concerned about blowback.

"You can't f---ing cancel Mötley Crüe," he added as the crowd cheered.

He might be right. Crüe's 2019 band biopic, The Dirt, didn't sugar coat the band's reckless partying, nor did it diminish fans' love of the band's four cofounders.

Drummer Tommy Lee said the film depicted "the terrible human cost of living life on the edge" and hoped the film served as a warning to copycats.

But Lee isn't done partying like a rockstar and has never claimed to be sober. The drummer shared a full frontal nude photo on social media this summer and blamed his behavior on "a bender." But fans are nonetheless eager for more tour dates to be announced.

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