WATCH: Metallica Fan Plays 'Master Of Puppets' With Strangest Objects

Photo: Getty Images

One Metallica fan has proved that he is the master of random covers with a handful of skillfully unique "Master Of Puppets" covers. Tom Fdez has shared TikTok video after TikTok video of himself and guest performers covering the intro to the legendary Metallica single. Instruments that Fdez uses range from a watering can that has been fashioned into a makeshift clarinet, to a toilet lid! The musician certainly showcases his skills as no matter what object is being used to play the intro, it always resembles the correct melody.

Aside from strange objects such as straws, roadway signs, wine glasses, toy cars, bananas, radiators, pots, medical needles, and the ceiling, Fdez also shows off his balance skills by performing the intro with a guitar and a flute while riding a bike with no hands. He also plays it using typical instruments like the bagpipes, kalimba, and sometimes, multiple instruments at one time.

Each video begins with Fdez enthusiastically introducing the song in relation to the content of the video. A few clips feature a child that assists in performing the intro. One video shows the child hitting a pan placed on Fdez's head as he plays the melody on guitar.

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