Lisa Marie Presley Was On Opioids & Lost 40-50 Lbs. Weeks Before Death

Photo: Getty Images

Lisa Marie Presley was reportedly taking opioids and experienced drastic weight loss leading up to her death. According to TMZ, the late actress was on an extreme weight loss regimen for months before her death. A family source told the outlet it was because she wanted to look her best attending various awards ceremonies for Elvis.

The sources added Lisa Marie got plastic surgery and started taking weight loss medications 2 months before the Golden Globes on January 10th. She reportedly lost 40 to 60 pounds in the 6 weeks leading up to the awards show.

TMZ says the family sources also informed them that Lisa Marie was taking opioids again and pointed to her interviews during the Golden Globes which featured her slurring her words and needing to hold onto her friend for balance while she spoke. On the morning she died, Lisa reportedly complained of abdominal pain but the cause of death has been deferred due to pending toxicology results, which may take several months.

The morning of her death, January 12th, her housekeeper discovered her unresponsive in her bedroom and ex-husband Danny Keough performed CPR. She was transported to a local hospital in LA after getting at least one epinephrine shot, restoring her pulse. She had reportedly suffered a "full" cardiac arrest and remained in the ICU in an induced coma and in critical condition leading up to her death. Sources said Lisa Marie was "pronounced brain dead" upon being admitted to the hospital, so family members signed a do-not-resuscitate order "in case she flatlined again," TMZ reports. She did, however, flatline again, suffered a second cardiac arrest, and was pronounced dead not long after that.

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