Tommy Lee Wrote Pamela Anderson Heartfelt Note After 'Pam & Tommy' Aired

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Pamela Anderson recently revealed Motley Crue's Tommy Lee wrote her a heartfelt note after Pam & Tommy aired.

The 55-year-old actress, model and former Playboy Playmate still refuses to watch the 2022 Hulu miniseries about her marriage to the drummer. The show hinges on the former couple's infamous 1998 sex tape. "The idea of the whole thing happening was just really crushing for me," Anderson told Variety in a recent interview. "It was just shocking. Tommy probably thought it was funny."

It seems Lee picked up on Anderson's feelings about the show and wrote her a friendly note to try and comfort her. "I remember Tommy writing me a note saying, 'Don't let this hurt you like it did the first time,' because he had heard through the kids that I was kind of struggling with the idea of bringing this all up again. I don't think he was portrayed kindly. I just know that I refuse to watch it."

Anderson hopes to set the record straight with her new documentary Pamela: A Love Story, and a soon-to-be-released memoir, Love, Pamela. The Netflix documentary premieres on January 31, and Anderson even wanted to invite Lily James, who played her in Pam & Tommy, to the premiere.

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