St. Vincent Worked With Jack Antonoff On New Album 'Daddy's Home'

St. Vincent's Annie Clark has said her new music will be a "tectonic shift" in sound from her 2017 Grammy-nominated album MASSEDUCTION, but there's one thing that will be similar.

In a recent interview with music newsletter The New Cue, Clark revealed that she's once again joined forces with producer Jack Antonoff for her upcoming project Daddy's Home.

“I was in Electric Lady Studios in New York and wanted to do this sleazy, grimy record and Jack was fully on board,” she recalled. “He whipped out some great Wurlitzer playing, super funky, then he’d get on the drums and do totally the right vibe. And then he was playing this f**king awesome bass, ripping it.”

“It was cool to get to see Jack bust out these chops," she continued. "And same here, I actually have some deep understanding of harmony that I keep to myself most of the time but here I bust it out.”

Daddy's Home was announced in quite the unconventional way. Earlier this week, street posters began popping up that revealed information about the new album, including a release date of May 14. However, Clark herself has yet to confirm any details or directly promote the record.

Photo: Getty Images