Betty White, The Ultimate Icon. A Heartfelt Kiss As She Passes At 99 RIP

Betty White would've turned 100 on January 17th, 2022. Star of both small and big screen she did it all. I really enjoyed her work in,"The Proposal" opposite Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Her on set antics with Sandra and Ryan (spoof I do believe) are hilarious.

TV work on the Mary Tyler Moore show and The Golden Girls was some of best TV ever, She was scary in the movie, "Lake Placid" as she raised lake monsters (like Loch Ness Monster types.)

Besides entertainment and modeling here's some things you may have not known about America's Golden Girl.

She was a major animal rights activist. She was of Danish and Greek heritage, Her Dad would build radios and sell him wherever he could. (it may have been because he wanted people to hear his daughter in radio plays) And she was originally on a path to become a forest ranger.

Rest In Peace. A brilliant role model for young girls to grow up and be like. You made the world a better place.

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