So rarely does a comedian become a big box-office hollywood star.  No one proves this point better than Robin Williams. 


On Monday, August 11, Williams body was found unresponsive at his home in Tiburon, California.  At this time, it is believe that Williams took his own life.  Robin Williams had a recent history with sobriety issues, however, details on the case are very vague at this time.


The important thing the whole world is remembering right now is what this man meant to us and what he brought to the world of entertainment.  I fondly remember watching Hook with my little brother, leaping off the back of the couch as Peter Pan.  Robin introduced us to the limitless bounds of the imagination.  Known for being an amazing person on screen and off, Williams leaves a void in the comedic and entertainment world that will never be filled.



My thoughts and prayers are with his beloved family and friends.  It is a sad day to be an entertainer, as we’ve all lost one of our great mentors.  Thanks Robin.  I hope you are at peace…