The storm line has maintained its integrity all the way through our area.

One final word, at its min, the pressure dropped below 29.50" of mercury. Folks that's the equivilant of a category one hurricane. Now wonder the winds were so ferocious!

3 AM Damage Assessment

A "Derecho-like" storm passed through the Tri-State region overnight with winds in the 50-60 mile per hour range common. A wind vane on Marshall's campus clocked winds to 65 miles per hour.

While this storm line does not fit the classic definition of a derecho, the fact the storm front has produced damage already over a 7 state area from the Mississippi to the Ohio, Allegheny and Monongahela shows the cluster of storms packed an abnormal wallop, especially for late fall.

Power is out in downtown Huntington, Morehead Kentucky and parts of the Scioto Valley. We are hearing of the Marathon station in Prichard having the roof blown off.

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