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A vintage lock of Mick Jagger's hair is hitting the auction block.  The strands date back to the mid-1960s, when the Rolling Stones frontman was dating British model and actress Chrissie Shrimpton. 

According to Bonhams' description of the item, Mick and Chrissie spent some time at a farm Chrissie's parents owned, and at some point she gave Jagger a haircut.  Chrissie's grandmother apparently found the loose locks and kept one in a small paper envelope, along with a note reading, "Mick Jagger's hair.  After being washed & trimmed by Chris at Rose Hill Farm." 

Following the grandmother's death, Chrissie's aunt got the envelope, which Chrissie eventually received from a cousin after her aunt died. 

Bonhams doesn't specifically identify Chrissie as the seller, but says the seller isn't going to make any money off the sale.  Jagger's hair is expected to fetch between $2400 and $3100, which will go to the charity Changing Faces.  The envelope is part of Bonham's Entertainment Memorabilia auction, scheduled to take place in London on July 3rd. 

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