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Creed frontman Scott Stapp says he wants to "take a mess and turn it into a message" with his upcoming solo album, Proof of Life.  

Stapp calls the record the most meaningful of his career.  He says it chronicles his journey, struggles and all, and is the most honest record he's ever written.  Stapp says his fans have often told him that his music has helped get them through the worst of times, but "Proof of Life" is the first time he's ever had a "cathartic experience" listening to his own work. 

The new album is due out November 5th, while the first single, "Slow Suicide," will be released on October 8th. 

Proof of Life will be Stapp's second solo album after 2005's The Great DivideIn the interim, he reunited with Creed and the band released Full Circle in 2009.  Stapp also released his memoir, "Sinner's Creed," last year. 

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